Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Certified – a world first for a paint manufacturer

PaintPlus operations certified carbon neutral

Environmental safety has been a fundamental principle since PaintPlus was founded. Becoming carbon neutral when such certification became available was a natural step.

PaintPlus was one of the very first companies to become certified carbon neutral under what was the world’s first ISO 14065 internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification programme; carboNZero®.

Why carboNZero certification?

  • It’s developed from solid science at Landcare Research, a New Zealand Government owned Crown Research Institute.
  • It’s the first GHG certification scheme in the world to achieve international accreditation through JAS-ANZ. It is recognised in over 50 economies, and has certified organisations in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and the UAE.
  • So you can be sure we have been assessed comprehensively to the most rigorous international standards (including measurement to ISO140064-1) available for measuring and managing a carbon footprint.

So what did we have to do to achieve certification?



So how have we got on?

Since gaining certification, PaintPlus has achieved 46% reduction in emissions.




Accumulative changes in Greenhouse gas produced based on total annual production and annual revenue.