Environmentally responsible paints with uncompromised performance

Ethical business principles

PaintPlus is founded on a strong desire to create environmentally friendly paints that deliver the highest performance.

The company started producing paints with these aims back in 1997, long before it had become fashionable to do so. It certainly wasn’t commercially attractive at the beginning, but that’s not what drives PaintPlus. We love what we do.

Our scientists are happy every time they find a way to make a paint that is:

  • less taxing on our natural resources,
  • easier and safer for people to use, and
  • withstands the rigorous quality assurance tests we perform.

Every single product we make at PaintPlus is certified eco-friendly by Environmental Choice New Zealand, one of the world’s leading standards authorities.

PaintPlus wants to source quality materials and take these great products to the market in a way that is;

  • fair to all parties,
  • as kind as possible on the environment and
  • satisfies our customers’ highest expectations for performance and value.

That is why our business is run on carbon neutral lines, achieving carboNZero® status in 2007/2008. We consistently exceed waste control standards by minimising waste at all stages of the manufacturing process. We also take responsibility for post-consumer waste, taking back unused paint and pails.