Great Value

Great Value

Saving you money and time

Fewer coats mean good value

The qualities of PaintPlus mean these paints offer outstanding value for money.

  • The excellent opacity of PaintPlus paints means that in many applications you’ll need fewer coats of PaintPlus than with other paints. This saves both material and labour costs.
  • PaintPlus paints are also extremely hard-wearing, so that you can go longer before repainting. We’re so confident of the durability of PaintPlus paints that we offer a 10-Year Warranty.
  • And, because PaintPlus is fast-drying and has almost no odour, you can put rooms into commercial use sooner after painting.

While there are cheaper paints per litre, the real cost of getting your surfaces coated to look good and suit their purpose with PaintPlus is often considerably less than with other paints. One of the reasons PaintPlus can offer such great value is in our sensible business model. We never skimp on ingredients. However, we are very careful not to spend money on niceties that don’t add value to the consumer.