Peel & Stick Samples

Peel & Stick Samples

When it comes to creating a beautiful home, colour is an essential reference point.

There are several factors come into play when choosing a colour scheme.


Every home is part of a wider environment and choosing colours has a lot to do with the surroundings.

Homes can have permanent features or fittings such as window joinery that can’t be easily changed. Whether existing furniture, floor coverings and drapes are to be retained or replaced needs to be considered. What accessories such as cushions and rugs will work best.


Peel and Stick from Paint+ are instant colour.…..No messy patches on your walls.

They are readily repositionable: View in different lights, in different colour combinations, in different rooms.


Compare the colours on different elements of rooms……shall I go lighter on the walls and darker on the doors or, darker on the walls and lighter on the doors, or the same.

Take them shopping to view against accessories. Peel and Stick samples of colour allows you take as much time as you like to make colour decisions.

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